College Visits

One of the keys to finding the right fit college is to visit as many colleges as you possibly can. While it is great to ask for insight from other students and alumni, read student experiences online, or participate in virtual tours, these perspectives do not substitute a real, physical college where your experience may make or break your college choice.

Visiting a college allows you the chance to feel, explore, and picture yourself on that campus for the next four years of your life. Some are cozy and quaint while others are in the hub of a large city or have a majestic feel. By interacting with students, faculty, and college representatives, you may gain unique insight into college culture, rituals, and student life. Finally, what better way to present your case for admission to a college than by explaining what you discovered on your college visit and how you know you will fit there?

This is your life. This is your future. Make it an effort to plan a college tour and visit schools well before college application season. It is even better to visit schools earlier in your freshmen or sophomore year so that you have a realistic sense of the vast options in front of you. Colleges want students who will be a right fit. Visit a college and let yourself decide whether or not that college is a right fit for you.