Our Philosophy

We understand that life is full of opportunities and that one of the most pivotal moments in an individual’s life is attending college. Why? Because college provides the stepping stone to becoming independent, facing reality in a chaotic world, and discovering new things about oneself. The college experience challenges students and paves the road for their professional careers and beyond.

At SOAR, we believe that college is not just a stepping stone, but a critical component of self-discovery in the grand scale of life. When you think about the world around you, you might ask yourself – how do I fit in? What difference can I make? What excites me and motivates me? We face these questions from an early age and many only begin thinking about them later on in their life.

Our philosophy is that the college application journey is an opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and purpose. At the core of each college admissions essay, the colleges want to know “Why us?” “What can you bring to the campus?” and “How have your experiences influenced you?” For many, these questions may seem impossible to answer. However, we believe that at the root of every student’s life is a story waiting to be told.

Through self-administered personality and career/assessments, extensive research, planning, and preparation, we want to help you SOAR into the future with confidence and excitement. We strive to instill that fire within you to go after your dreams. There is a place for you somewhere. Let’s SOAR For College together.